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The Launch SequenceTM, is a proven process and has helped thousands of leaders create rapid change. You will connect to your true self through working in your passions and discovering your purpose. John will help you remove the barriers that are holding you and your organization back. You will get clarity on your destination and develop a customized flight plan so you and your team know exactly what to do. 

There is no one at work or in your circle that understands you or won’t judge you, who has been where you are and can help you transition, transform and conquer?

Every person and organization needs easy to implement tools and a plan that creates transformational change for their own specific culture and style. Through one-on-one executive coaching, masterclasses, workshops and keynote speaking, you will get the right information, the right way at the right time.

Do you want to live your life so that the use of your life outlives your life? Would you love to work in your strengths but you are too busy? Is that feeling of joy and contentment eluding you? I work with purpose-driven leaders who want to build successful organizations while creating positive change in their families, their companies and their communities.


Are you looking for an engaging speaker who delivers something new? Whose content connects with your own goals? Who cares enough to stick around after the keynote?

Executive Coaching

Are you a high capacity leader too busy to work in your strengths? Do you need a wingman to come alongside you to create a personal, strategic action plan and live life more fully?


Are you unsure of how to lead in this time of uncertainty and balance risk and growth? Do you want a team excited for Monday mornings?


Government and DOD leaders need to work across organizational lines to get things done. We partner with you to provide a framework of collaboration that is highly actionable.

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What clients Say

Ann Lovett Baird, CEO Baird Consulting

“I worked with John on his book. He has such an amazing story and passion for Developing Leaders! John was a navy fighter pilot in the 90s and a successful entrepreneur after retiring from the Navy. He is engaging and has an amazing story. I would highly recommend him as a keynote speaker or coach. My life and career have been enriched by working with him.”

Corey, Senior Director

“The Challenge of Leadership taught me how to lead and has given me the tools to do it. This course is analogous to ‘just in time’ training for both first time supervisors and those preparing/looking for supervisory opportunities. This course has given me the tools to not only effectively lead a team, but to lead my peers and my boss as well. I believe this course has the potential to eliminate the effects of toxic leadership without eliminating the leader.”

Karen Cecile, COO

“John understands the workings of business both on the P&L side as well as how culture and leadership impact the success of a business. His leadership style captures both the heart and the mind of his team members and colleagues alike. John's natural optimism and desire to help others builds deep relationships and ignites creative solutions!”

Colonel, U.S. Air Force

“This course added a number of tools to my belt to more effectively communicate and
encourage/influence better outcomes and relationships. Personal insight supporting concepts really hit home and made me think about how I act and work with those around me. This was a stretching experience for me.”

Drew Hiss, CEO Acumen Impact

“We engaged John to teach, train and instruct at our community-wide Acumen CEO and business owner leadership workshop called Advance. He knocked the cover off the ball! The title and topic of his training was “Transformational Leadership“. Participant reviews were fantastic. As one participant in the event stated, “the concepts he shared are very effective and practical and John's story, and vulnerability, are helpful for any leader interested in development.“

General, U.S. Air Force

“Great discussions/examples that were useful to understand different perspectives with regard to leadership behaviors and challenges. I liked that a final going-forward ‘Action Plan’ was provided to help me transition those tools into my personal and professional life.”

Chief Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force

“Really allows for self-introspection and provides practical tools I can apply in the workplace. This was the BEST class I have taken in the Air Force. Career and life-changing!”

Zane Heninger, CEO

“His life experiences have equipped him to dispense useful advice on any number of topics and I have been fortunate enough to be the recipient of this advice on numerous occasions. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and find time to visit with John - your life will be richer for doing so.”

Vice President of Operations

“This course is a true reality check! Oftentimes, we think we’re really doing quite well, but this course goes so much deeper to underpin the principles taught to make them enduring for true application. The openness of the instructor (John Ramstead) was amazing and greatly enhanced his and the course’s credibility.”

Steve Perkins, CEO

“If you want to make the money and impact you know you're meant to make, John is your guy. John is very unique, and exactly the kind of person you want on your side. Not just saying that - I'm being for-real. He has that rare blend of succeeding in all areas of life, and catapulting others into the same.”

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