Discover Who You Were Created to Be So You Can Live Your Best Life


Discern Your Present Position


Determine Your Destination


Create Your Custom Flight Plan to Get There

You want to live a life fully alive.

Leaders—young, old and in between—share with me all the time that they want to live full lives, work in their strengths and have meaningful relationships. Their desire goes beyond happiness; they want to know their purpose and fell joy. The problem is they don’t know how to get there . It’s frustrating. I understand because I’ve been there too. What I learned is that I had to realize and prioritize the worthwhile aspects of my life and have a daily plan for how to move forward…and I can help you get there, too.

JR speaking v3-Comp


It is not just a responsibility I feel I have, it is a joy I get when I see the light come on in leaders’ eyes as they grab ahold of the tools they need to move into the very best versions of themselves. When you discover who you are at your core, identify what is holding you back and what you are going to achieve in your best life, you are unstoppable. I am excited to talk with you about how mentorship can encourage, push and coach you into everything you were created to be!