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Listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 12 leaders to listen to and as one of the top 100 experts to follow for CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders by Blogspot. John Ramstead has an approach to leadership that creates measurable results and is a catalyst for creating significance and success.

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How Can I Help YOU Lead Beyond Influence?

The leadership industry today is broken. At its worst, you get a motivational speaker who inspires feelings of excitement in your employees for about five minutes. At its best, you get instruction in the why, what, and how… But when you try to apply their principles, you don’t even get a fraction of the results.

This is because the one thing the leadership industry ignores is WHO you and your team members are, and this is critical to your success.

Challenges & Opportunities

Building Leadership

Business today has significant challenges and opportunities — it all comes down to this: we have an unprecedented opportunity to do something significant.

When we equip, empower and launch others to lead, we develop extraordinary companies, relationships, and communities. And you don’t have to be the boss. Leadership, ultimately, has nothing to do with the title on your business card or your position on the organizational chart. It’s about who you are and how you lead —regardless of your “place” in the company.

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John Ramstead’s Beyond Influence Leadership framework is a new and vital paradigm for our exciting and challenging times.


Leading Beyond Influence

A counter-intuitive approach to leadership that will energize your life and organization. This is an unforgettable and inspirational program designed for purpose-driven leaders that want to create a life of success and significance. How do you live a fulfilling life AND make a bigger impact in your organization? It might seem impossible…but it’s really not.


Leading in Crisis

We live in a day of unprecedented challenges. Sometimes it seems nothing is nailed down. In this presentation, I share how effective leaders must develop themselves and their organizations in order to survive. For those who do, the opportunities and rewards are great.

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Why Choose Me To Speak At Your Next Event?

As a former Navy F-14 combat pilot, startup entrepreneur, Fortune 100 management team member and expert executive coach, I understand first-hand the challenges and opportunities that face today’s leaders. For your event, I will personalize my speech to simplify your challenges and provide real-world, easy-to-understand leadership lessons that will have a profound impact on each attendee’s life. My speeches are filled with personal stories as well as proven solutions from my life and the work with my clients that are practical and actionable.

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Beyond Influence

A Little Bit About Me, John Ramstead

John is an author, speaker, leadership coach, and host of a podcast Inc. Magazine recognized as “Top 12 Leaders To Listen To.” John combines his experience as a Navy fighter pilot, Fortune 500 manager, and serial entrepreneur with his passion for helping teams and individuals reach their full potential…all enriched with valuable lessons learned from surviving a near-fatal horseback riding accident in 2011. John and his wife Donna enjoy sunshine and adventures big and small with their family in Denver, Colorado.

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